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07:31pm 14/09/2007
  I don't really use livejournal anymore.

So who wants to be the moderator of this community?
where should we shop?
Hello To All!! 
03:10pm 03/02/2007
mood: cheerful
Wal-Mart is my favorite place to shop for everything I need and want. My family has just got a Sam's Club membership last week too.

Not only do I shop there, I regularly defend Wal-Mart in my news blog and to anyone who dislikes it.

My Top 6 Reason I Love Wal-Mart Are:

6. Great toy and electronic departments so I can add stuff to my toy, cd and dvd collections.

5. Depending on which one I go to, I have either McDonalds or Subway for lunch/dinner

4. A good selection of things to buy in every department.

3. Customer Service will call you a cab if you need to.

2. Not unionized.

1. "Always Low Prices."

I look forwards to reading posts here and metting new people.
where should we shop?
10:35am 10/05/2006
  This movie is a documentery about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It's interesting food for thought and scary to imagine as reality. I'd like for you all to watch it, regardless of your political viewpoint. Even though I swing very left in my political views, I would rather this film be fiction.

please watch and cross post to your journal and other communities.

If you have anything to say about it, please comment, but only after you've watched the entire movie. That way we're on even playing grounds.

where should we shop?
11:35pm 18/07/2005
  What is walmart's return policy on items with no reciept? i have about $900 of items and don't have a reciept. It is actual stuff I really bought, but I am in the need of cash and have to return this stuff. If you really want to know I need to pay for a new septic system. It sucks, I am so broke I can't even afford to take a shit. Literally. Thanks.

Buy the way, what the hell is 1-800-WALMART
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06:01pm 12/07/2005
mood: chipper
they're building a super walmart near my house!

score. :)
where should we shop?
12:12am 21/10/2004
mood: excited
where should we shop?
01:15am 25/08/2004
  Went to Wal-Mart today... didn't buy anything... SHOCKED!  
where should we shop?
New Member 
09:46am 24/08/2004
  I love Wal-Mart!! I swear for the past few months I've been going there like crazy. I can't wait 'til the Super Center pens up next year, I'll be there all night. I'm always hanging out of the DVD bargin bin, where DVDs for $5.50, LOL.  
where should we shop?
i'm new here 
11:44am 14/08/2004
mood: amused
me and my friend zap hang out at walmart almost every weekend. who couldn't love walmart... we always end up leaveing with bags of random things woot.
by the way i'm new here.
where should we shop?
06:29pm 02/08/2004
  Hi, my name is Bonnie and I'm a WALMART addict.  
where should we shop?
12:54pm 22/05/2004
  I've been at Walmart over a year, and this journal is an account of things that have happened to me during that time, and of stories I've heard, people I've met, etc.
I only wish to entertain and inform. :)

If anyone is interested, please feel free to add me.
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09:04am 16/05/2004
  lyke omg...seriously walmart is lyke so scary...it's freaky...
there's all this white trash there....I HATE WALMART....it's stupid.
I didn't even know what it was until lyke LAST YEAR...when I drove by it! lyke omg...seriously YOU PEOPLE NEED TO START THINKING ABOUT GOING TO NORMAL STORES...LIKE A&F FOR CLOTHES CUZ WALMART IS REALLY UGLY
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01:22am 05/01/2004
mood: blank
i'm new and need some LJ buddies but on to todays walmart story....me and my friend necole went to walmart w/my step dad.i wore my P/Js and furry purple slippers.^_^.not to mention the fact that we broke into dance in the cd section when the song Invisible came on...ROFL..we got some odd looks.we bought austin(mah bf)the rest of his present,a chicken.lol.(don't ask),and ice cream.NEVER SHOP HUNGRY!...oh my and when we were looking for my step dad because we were ready to leave some old chubby guy says hey baby when we walk by and looks me up and down! ugh.i was in my fucking PJs too.>.<.
The End :D
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11:24pm 11/11/2003
  does anyone know how long you can stay at walmart before getting kicked out?  
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04:32pm 05/07/2003
mood: aggravated
I went to walmart just a little while ago... the one here is really starting to suck because there are too many stupid people there!
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Wally World 
11:02pm 24/06/2003
mood: cheerful
Yah, I went to Walmart today. I got lots of nice summer clothes and shampoo and toe rings. I love Wally World.

Oh yeah, and I am new to this community.
where should we shop?
dead or alive... 
05:19am 20/06/2003
mood: contemplative
hello all i am a walmart shopperhalic =] my daughter is known as the walmart baby cuz since she was born we have been going there and everyone knows us already in the whole store lmao just thought i would introduce myself i hope this community wakes up a lil i see no ones posted in 12 weeks ='[ i'd be glad to take over the community if you don't want it anymore =]
where should we shop?
08:22pm 24/03/2003
  last week.
we got bored.
spent a half hour in the walmart parking lot pushing each other around in shopping carts.
and then i picked up a rining pay phone out sode walmart.
some guy named john.
he did know he was calling walmart.
it was fun to mess with his head.
good times.
where should we shop?
04:55pm 10/03/2003
mood: cheerful
I just bought a big suitcase with wheels from Walmart! It had 2 other cases inside!
I also bought funky shades for 7 bucks!

Plus the lady at the door greeted me with the thickest Russian accent ever! That made my day!
where should we shop?
wal- mart is the best. and this is my first post. 
04:17pm 10/02/2003
  i never wear watches.i like not knowing what time it is.

but today i bought a watch. and im wearing it.

i like my 4 dollar Crayola watch from wal-mart. im in love.

its a box of crayons.. and you push a button and the crayons pop out with the time.
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